Spreading The Joy And Happiness When There Is World Peace

The idea of world peace cannot be understood by most people especially in third world countries. This is because the only thing that matters and important is to survive and to worry about other things like hunger, poverty, and diseases. What they do not know is that with world peace, these problems will be easily solved.  Nations will be united to defeat world hunger. They would share their blessings with those who have less. Nations with a progressive economy would help those with a low employment rate. When everyone is cooperating for the greater good, everyone would live in a harmonious environment.

The message of world peace seems hard to get across other countries. But with the rising popularity of movies, music, high profile people, this idea has now gained a larger audience. The influence of these media spreads the word about world peace faster and wider. The importance of world peace is incorporated in so many movies and music themes that it has gained the attention of everyone. And as such, it is deemed to be of importance since it is the topic of most movies and music. The idea of world peace is slowly implanted in our subconscious that for some people, they begin to believe the urgency of the idea.

The job of spreading awareness of world peace is not just limited to actors or musicians. This idea has also affected high profile personalities such as Oprah Winfrey and more. These people help raise awareness by doing charitable works in countries that need help. They help put up schools for the less fortunate and offers grants and scholarships to deserving students who has the capability to excel in college but does not have the mean to go to school. Some of them donate huge amount of money to charities that offers help to impoverish nations. They help by conducting medical missions to nations that have very little or no access to medicines at all.

Raising awareness for world peace nowadays is very easy. With rising stars that promote peace and unity in every one, world peace is planted in the hearts and minds of the younger generation. Even rock bands that have a common connotation of being anti-peace or being anti-social, they too have picked up the trend of incorporating peace and unity in their lyrics. They are no longer singing about being angry or confused, but their lyrics speak of peace and the benefits of being united. Their melody might be a little hard on the ears, but their lyrics speak otherwise.

Making world peace a common goal is what everyone should do. A harmonious co-existence is better than a world filled with wars and fights. This is not what we want the future generation to inherit. The world should be a better place and we must do everything we can to preserve it. Achieving world peace is not impossible if everyone would do their part. It is not too late to make world peace a reality. If we all do our part, world peace would be easily attained. Living in a world with everyone co-existing peacefully and harmoniously, all problems would be solved.

Making World Peace A Reality With Everyone’s Help

 In a world where even family is at war with one another, this makes a home into a war zone. The family is the basic unit of a community. This is where values, integrity, and even honor is taught and passed down to children. When each and every one of the family in the world can co-exist peacefully and harmoniously, then world peace will not be impossible.

People fail to see that world peace will not come from politicians, dictators, or leaders. It will have to come from each and every one. World peace should be something that everyone will want and not just as an advantage to gain more. This should be something that everyone must aspire at the same time. With this common goal, world peace is not far. The benefits of world peace are greater than when it is not present.

It does not matter whether a country is progressive or not. With world peace, each and every country will be able to be progressive since everyone will be working with each other to be successful. It is only the presence of hate, envy, and jealousy that the aspiration for world peace becomes dim. These are the reason where men forget that doing good and being kind to others is a good thing. These are the reason where men are forced to do evil and commit crimes because they act upon these feelings. Often these evil acts are quite small but have significant efforts.

Envy is one of the factors that world peace cannot be successful. It is only human to feel such emotions but to act upon it is another thing. Others let envy creep in too deeply in their lives that it becomes the most powerful driving force for them to live. This is not good because envy makes you do things that are harmful to others. When a person let envy blind them, they forget listen to their conscience. Their actions become irrational and impulsive. They are blinded by their fury that they fail to see that what they are doing is already hurting others.

People should be made more aware of the different advantages of world peace. For one, wars will no longer be necessary. Killing is not even considered as an option. Warring nations will become friends and even help each other in their times of need. Without war, guns and heavy artillery will no longer be needed. No one needs to die for their country and every member of the family will be safe.

Another advantage is that poverty will be eradicated. Since all countries are in peaceful co-existence, matters of trade and industry will be according to their true cost and no huge mark-ups will be done. When a country is in danger of falling into poverty, other nations will be compelled to help since world peace dictates so.

Since poverty is eradicated, crimes will no longer exist. Robberies, looting, and all crimes caused by poverty will be gone. People will no longer have to steal in order to survive. Neighbors will be kind enough to help other neighbors during their time of need.

Using Music To Spread World Peace

With the release of Michael Jackson’s song “We are the World”, this is a song that raises awareness of the need for world peace. It is a song that tells us that no matter where we live, we are all connected in one way or the other. We are all affected of the action of one nation. So when there is war, it is not only between two countries, but the entire world itself is affected and can even suffer the consequence of such war. In one of the verse of the song, “and it is time to lend a hand to life; the greatest gift of all”; it states that life is precious and should not be taken for granted.

There is another song by Michael Jackson which is “Heal the World”, which also calls for world peace. This song describes that the world is hurting and needs for us to cooperate and work together to make it a better place. The video for this song shows that there are countries that have impoverish people and cannot help the poor. Their government does not have enough fund to be able to help its people. This song literally says that we all need to heal the world in order for it to be a beautiful and better place to live in.

There are more songs that contribute to the world peace agenda. This might be a modest way to start the campaign but effective enough since everyone loves music. A simple song but with a very big message is what we need in order to get the point across to everyone in the world. Nowadays, there are more artists that are inclined to keep the campaign for world peace going. Such artists like Michael Buble, Whitney Houston, and many more are making music that has a wonderful melody but with a very powerful message that advocates world peace.

With so many song writers that promotes advocacy for world peace through songs, there are also other high profile personalities that campaigns this through charities. The power couple Angelina and Brad Pitt advocates world peace by going to different poor countries and donates for a good cause. Angelina Jolie is an ambassador of the United Nations and goes regularly to impoverish nations to see the status and finds out how to improve the country.

Charities that promote world peace are very many. They usually raise fund and send the money to countries that need a lot of help and support. They also send goods especially for places where there is hunger. Medical missions also abounds that help nations plagued with diseases and famine.  These are just a few ways that helps in achieving world peace. In fact, the Beauty company No! No! recently began a tie in campaign with Bill Gates’ foundation where customer have the option of round up their purchases in their online shopping carts, with the different being given to Gates’ charity. You can read more about this in this no no hair removal review and although tt may seem little but the benefits can go a long way. There are other ways that we can help with this campaign. We can start in our community by being helpful to our neighbors. With these little gestures, it will inspire other people to also help out and do their part in making the world a better place to be in. This will ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy some semblance of harmony and brotherhood in the world.

World Peace Brings Safety And Security In Every Home Across The Globe

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of being safe and happy with life. When we attain world peace, everyone gets along and there will be no wars or conflicts. The world will be an ideal place to live in. But with all the evil that surrounds mankind, this idea seems nearly impossible to attain. With ambition, greed, and envy in the hearts of men, world peace will be hard and difficult to achieve but not impossible. If man would only give up their greed, wars would be eradicated and everyone will live happily and coexist peacefully.

It is everyone’s dream that there would be world peace. There are a whole lot of advantages when man commits to do well and be good to one another. For one, there would be no fights and wars. There would be no need for jails and prisons since no one would do any crime. Hunger and poverty would be gone and everyone would be helping one another. There would be no need for guns and armies. Love would rule and guide everyone into a peaceful and harmonious coexistence with one another.

It seems world peace is the answer to the world’s problem. In a world where greed is abundant and envy is everywhere, people cannot live with one another envious that their neighbors are better than them. The problem with envy is that it makes a person think of evil ways to bring down their neighbors especially when they are doing well. They resort to sabotage just to destroy the good things their friends, relatives, and even their very own family have. It is natural to sometimes feel envious and jealous of the things people have that you do not, but it is another thing to translate this feeling into actions when spurred by this jealousy.  This is the reason why everyone should always remember to take control of their emotions and not give in to those types of feelings.

Attaining world peace is a dream that every head of a nation should aim for. There are more benefits to be gained when there is peace than in making wars with other countries. Living in constant fear for dear life is no way to live. This is unhealthy and will only make a person sick and lonely. A country in harmony will make the future brighter and the world more livable. Without this kind of peace, there would be eternal chaos. Nations against nations and even brothers will be fighting with each other.

In this day and age, world peace is what everyone aims for but no one is doing something about it. They much prefer to sit back and wait for somebody else to do the work for them. No one is taking the firm stand on doing something for world peace. With distrust planted on the minds of the leaders, doing charity or any kind gesture is looked upon as a form of surrender or weakness. This kind of mindset makes world peace hard to attain and even worse, impossible. Hopefully the future generation will be wise enough to make decisions that will take us on the road to finding peace. They are our future and as such should be taught and shown the advantages of living with one another in a harmonious way.

How we can help achieve world peace

Every leader in the world aims to find a lasting solution to the problems that beset our planet but so far, peace on earth has continued to be an elusive dream. There are many movements, conferences, brotherhoods and fraternities all over the world that promotes the idea of world peace. Philosophers, theologians, politicians, and other great thinkers from the past up to the present have offered so many formulas and ideas for achieving peace but no one has yet came up with a solid answer to the question.

Why is world peace so difficult to achieve? Perhaps the answer lies within our self. What have we done to make the world a better place to live in? How have we treated our brothers and our neighbors? If we look at the philosophies and teachings of great men and the number of world peace movements that have risen out of nowhere, the issue assumes even more layers and textures than the original idea.

Is it possible to achieve world peace?Some great thinkers believe so. But if you are asking whether it can possibly happen in our lifetime, then that is something no one can answer. Only time can tell. But as long as everybody makes a conscious effort to work for it, then maybe we stand a chance of seeing the first signs of world peace happening.

There are different ideas as to what constitutes world peace. Some people think it is the resolution of conflict that will bring about world peace. Others think that absence of hunger, deprivation or social justice would be a sign that world peace is finally happening. It is like looking at the forest without seeing the trees instead of the other way around. The perennial question will always be where to start.

If we take time to read the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Confucius or take a few minutes to look at the Bible, the common denominator lies with the “Golden Rule” which teaches “not to do unto others what we do not want others to do unto us”. This teaching rings true even today when we look at how people are treated in some parts of the world. War, violence, famine and social injustices are all handmaids of the devil.

If we strive to treat other people like a brother, living harmoniously with one another, treating each other justly and fairly, there would be no conflict and the rest follows. For this reason, in order to achieve world peace, we have to start with ourselves. We have to be agents of change and ambassadors of good will. We should learn to live with our neighbors peacefully and do business with each other fairly and honestly.

When we start with doing good to other people, we can inspire others to do the same. By paying the good deeds forward, we can multiply the number of people we touch with our goodwill and eventually it will spread and infect others.  We cannot expect peace in the world unless we give that which in our heart we are prepared to sacrifice.